Dr Gould provided excellent care after I was in a car accident. Normally I don’t like adjustments, but his treatment was painless and I immediately felt better. I strongly recommend his services.

– Jeffrey N.

Very professional and dedicated, I started to feel better since the first therapy.

– Jennifer J.

I have chronic migraines and I need another alternative for stress relief and this is it! Dr.Gould is amazing and helps me feel better!! I highly recommend him!!

– Adriana D.

I’ve been going to chiropractors for over 30 years. Not for anything chronic, but simply for body maintenance, as I’m very active. Dr. Gould’s adjustments and body-knowledge rank right up there with the very best I’ve had in those 30 years. He takes time to not only listen to what you have to say about your pain / needs, but also spends all the time required to have you leaving his office pain free. He’s the only chiropractor I’ll trust with my body. I highly recommend him

– Roch B.

I went to Dr Gould for the first time around a year ago when I threw my back out bending over to put something in a drawer. My first visit resulted in immediate relief of my excruciating pain and suddenly I could move again.

I owe Dr Gould big time for encouraging me to make some lifestyle changes and stop my sedentary ways. He got me to join the nearby gym, mentioning that my back would benefit from my losing some weight. He also introduced my to a personal trainer, and I have been working out several times a week ever since since, I have lost 25 lbs and had significantly improved condition in my back.

I have had to return occasionally for a few tweaks to my back and started again this week when I lifted some heavy objects and twisted my body awkwardly (I sometimes forget that at 63 my body does not work like it did when I was 30 years younger). Again, I was relieved to find that my back felt better immediately, and a few more visits will certainly put things right.

I would also like to mention that Dr Gould’s fine staff are amazing, and are both competent and professional. They have worked really well with my insurance company to make sure I had immediate coverage and have kept me informed regarding how many visits they would cover, and have been exceptionally helpful in every possible way.

I highly recommend this chiropractic practice and will continue to go there any time my back gives me grief.

– Rick K.