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Did you know that regular massages can do more than relax you? Massage therapy can also play a role in preventing chronic pain after a personal injury and maximizing your overall health and wellness. At Gould Chiropractic and Laser Pain Center, Ross Gould, DC, offers on-site massage therapy services at the office in Chatsworth, California. Dr. Gould and the team combine massage therapy with traditional chiropractic care to help you prevent and manage pain and keep your body tension-free and flexible. To schedule a massage therapy appointment, call Gould Chiropractic and Laser Pain Center or book an appointment online today.

Massage Therapy Q&A

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy involves manually manipulating your muscles and other soft tissues using short and long strokes and kneading movements to release tension and tight knots. 

It’s an effective way to promote deep relaxation in your muscles and improve blood circulation throughout your body.

The team at Gould Chiropractic and Laser Pain Center offers comprehensive massage therapy services to support your general health and wellness and accelerate your healing from soft-tissue injuries.

Why should I consider massage therapy?

Many people mistakenly believe that massage therapy is a luxury service for relaxation. While massage does provide a deep sense of relaxation throughout your body, the therapy is also beneficial for managing and preventing pain, improving your flexibility, and boosting your blood circulation.

The team at Gould Chiropractic and Laser Pain Center might recommend massage therapy as part of your treatment for sports or personal injuries that cause pain in your back, neck, shoulders, and knees.

You can also benefit from massage therapy to prevent pain from:

  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Neuralgia
  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia

The massage therapy method the team uses to manipulate your muscles depends on your condition.

What massage therapy methods are available?

The team at Gould Chiropractic and Laser Pain Center offers several methods of massage therapy including Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, and deep-tissue massage.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage uses long, flowing strokes, circular motions, and gentle kneading movements to release tension in your muscles.

A Swedish massage is a good option for general relaxation and treating minor pain. This method is also suitable if you’re new to massage.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage uses more pressure than Swedish massage to release knots and overly tight muscles (known as trigger points) that cause pain. A therapeutic massage targets painful tissues and also promotes relaxation throughout your body.

Deep-tissue massage

A deep-tissue massage targets the muscles deeper in your body to address muscle imbalances, injuries, and chronic pain.

This technique uses flowing strokes and deep finger pressure to access the deep layers of connective tissue and muscles. It’s more intense than Swedish and therapeutic massages.

To find out which massage is right for you, call Gould Chiropractic and Laser Pain Center or book a massage therapy appointment online today.