Sciatic Pain is a Very Misdiagnosed Condition

Sciatic pain is a very misdiagnosed condition. One of the reasons it’s misdiagnosed is because most patients think that all low back pain is sciatica. This is far from the truth Sciatica can have many causes. It can be caused by a bulging or herniated disc or can be caused by tight muscles in the glutenal area hamstring or the lower back region.

When a new patient comes in that complains of ” sciatica ” the first thing I’ll do is ask them to show me where the pain is. If they tell me their pain is in the gluteal area or down the leg then I would agree with them that they may have a diagnosis of sciatica. The variety of treatments will follow based on the diagnosis.

One of the diagnostic services we will use to help diagnose a patient that has sciatica is an x-ray and possibly also an MRI of the lumbar spine. In many cases, these diagnostic test will show some damage of the lumbar spine region either at the disk, facet joint or at the vertebral body.

There are several chiropractic treatment options for this condition. After a thorough exam and a proper diagnosis, we will begin treatment with our patient performing chiropractic manipulation if appropriate. Sometimes we will use spinal decompression or traction devices, stretching techniques and massage therapy.

This condition, if caught and treated early, usually responds in 6 to 12 treatments of chiropractic therapy. In more severe cases of sciatica the accompanied with posterior leg pain, treatments can last anywhere from 12 to 20 treatments.

We try to educate our patients regarding proper diet exercise and maintenance of the body so that during the healing process they can achieve the best results.

Also, in many cases, we are the second or even third practitioner that the patient has gone to for their condition. We work hand in hand with our patient’s primary care physicians and specialists to ensure the best result for our patients.

Contact us if you are experiencing a lower back injury or these types of Sciatic pain issues.

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