Ross Gould, DC

Chiropractor & Auto Injury Specialist located in Chatsworth, CA

About Dr. Gould

Ross Gould, DC, is a chiropractor at Gould Chiropractic and Laser Pain Center in Chatsworth, California.

Dr. Gould is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and has been in practice in the San Fernando Valley since 1993. He specializes in sports injuries and the treatment of chronic pain syndromes, such as herniated disc and degenerative changes in the spine due to arthritis. His practice encompasses the treatment of both adults and children, incorporating the most innovative equipment and technologies featuring the Chattanooga® DTS Spinal Decompression System, cold laser, and much more.

Dr. Gould is an avid golfer and fitness enthusiast, and he embraces chiropractic for its non-surgical, drug-free approach to alleviating both acute and chronic pain. Treatments include chiropractic adjustments and traditional physiotherapy methods, such as massage therapy, hot packs, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, and personalized exercise programs. Dr. Gould and his qualified staff perform all the treatments.

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