Indoor Cycling & Spinning Class Injury and Pain Prevention Tips

When it comes to spinning class it’s one of the best and hardest workouts that you can perform. We have treated and consulted patients at our chiropractic clinic near Woodland Hills who have experienced some discomfort as their bodies adjust to the intensity of indoor cycling. The problem some people run into in these challenging classes is that they develop some kind of pain. Whether it’s in their back or neck or shoulders we often times see due to the nature of the exercise that patients with certain issues like arthritis or bad posture will suffer post-workout aches and pains. There are certain techniques employed by the instructors of these classes to help prevent students from the repetitive type injuries that can impede the progress of a student.

One way that experienced spinning instructors, like those at Finergy Cycle in Woodland Hills, CA use with students to avoid these repetitive injuries is to change cycling positions often during the course of the class. You’ll find that teachers will go from standing to sitting to crouching often times in the course of just one song. It’s important to take stock of your body’s injuries prior to taking spinning classes.

For instance, if you have a knee injury it’s important to tell your instructor because they may tell you not to perform standing spinning at a fast pace as it may put too much pressure on your knee. Another example, is a patient with an arthritic lower back, may want to maintain body positions that don’t put too much stress on her lower back. The same thing goes for the neck. It is very important to remain in neutral positions as much as possible during the course of the class.

One way to prevent the injuries that may occur during a spinning class the or any exercise regimen is to make sure you perform a proper warm-up routine. you can accomplish this by showing up to your class early and making sure that you stretch thoroughly before getting onto the bike and then if you have the opportunity to spend 3 to 5 minutes on the bike at a slow pace just to get your blood flowing through your muscles.

Another important aspect of the injury prevention regimen is to make sure that after your workout is finished that you perform a post workout routine that includes cooling down and stretching all the muscles that you have just worked.

My Favorite Heated Indoor Cycling Studio in Woodland Hills

One of my favorite spinning studios is in Woodland Hills it’s known as Finergy cycling center. The studio is set in a warm environment which helps to accelerate your body temperature and reduce muscle strain. They provide the proper shoes and other gear to ensure a great ride. Some of the stretches that I recommend performing before and after your spin class would be anything that stretches the triceps, shoulders, cervical spine, lower back, hamstrings, and quads. At Finergy Cycle, they have a complete warm up and cool down session which includes stretches and personal assistance on the proper techniques needed to have an injury free ride.

Check out the spin studio here:
Finergy Cycle
19952 1/2 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91264

If you find yourself with an injury or painful joints or muscles you can be treated with chiropractic care which can help realign the spinal column and reduce pressure on your spine that could be the cause of the pain in the back or extremities. Deep tissue lasers can also be employed to treat any aches and pains in your body.

Massage therapy is also an effective modality to treat any symptoms associated with overuse after any kind of exercise regimen including spinning. If you have any questions on an injury that you’ve incurred during spinning classes or any other kind of exercise program feel free to contact our office to come see me today.

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