Common Golf & Tennis Related Injuries

This article is in regards to injuries related to the sport of golf. There are a number of world renown golf courses in the San Fernando Valley. Close to our office in the Northridge and Porter Ranch areas, there are a few popular courses like the Porter Valley Country Club and the Mission Hills Golf Course. We are regularly treating patients with golf injuries or at least working on the aches and pains. Dr. Gould is an avid golfer and has a great understanding on what golf will do to your body.

Most commonly seen injuries and golf are lower back shoulder elbow wrist and thumb. There are certain things you can do to avoid injuries when you’re playing golf. Such as, making sure to warm up properly follow a specified regiment of warm-up exercises before going out to play. Hand strengthening and stretching is also an important aspect of taking care of your hands and wrists in sports like tennis and golf. If you should get hurt in in sports injury related to golf, it’s important to assess how bad the injury is before continuing to play. Golfing like many other sports tennis ping-pong is a one-sided sport. It requires the use of muscles more on one side of your body, than the other. It is a heavily weighted injury prone to the muscles and joints of the spine and extremities.

If the injury requires attention, go to a chiropractor that has experience with sports injuries related to that sport. In our chiropractic clinic, we treat most injuries with therapeutic treatment such as ice massage, Light stretching sometimes manipulation. We also use a high energy deep tissue laser on these joints and muscular injuries.

Most golf or tennis related injuries can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to heal depending on the severity. If you’re interested in having an assessment for your sports related injury from golf or tennis please contact our office today!

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