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Severe short-term and long-term back pain is usually caused by hard work, over training, accidents, and age. The steepest price is often paid by men and women who participate in sports, or activities performed in everyday life can cause neck and back issues. It is time to seek out immediate chiropractic treatment when the pain starts to affect your everyday productivity.

You must first understand where the pain is coming from and what likely caused it. Once you understand the primary source of pain; back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and leg pain are common complaints. You will be able to choose the appropriate next step in getting pain relief. You can either self-diagnose and medicate, or you can call your local general practitioner, or you can consult a local back and neck pain specialist. The latter option may have led you to find a local chiropractor on the internet by searching “chiropractor near me” which brought you to Gould Chiropractic here in the Canoga Park area.

The professional opinion of a local chiropractor is convenient and may actually result in solving the problem quicker and bring you immediate pain relief.

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It is very common to experience pain in the lower and upper back, including the neck. Lower back pain and upper back pain usually need professional chiropractic treatment. You can try some basic stretching exercises to temporarily lessen the sensation, but without professional help, the pain usually returns in a very short time. Since the spinal region is one of the most prominent and most used areas of the body, back pain is one of the most difficult areas to treat. Sometimes it is very challenging to identify exactly what is triggering the back pain. If you procrastinate in getting advanced chiropractic treatment, back pain will probably get more severe and this might result in permanent damage.

Minor to severe back pain is due to several factors:

  • Poor posture, stress, and old chronic injuries are common causes of back pain

  • Major causes of severe back pain are from critical conditions like sciatica (slipped disc), arthritis, spinal fracture, and infection.

  • If you sit for long periods of time without getting up and moving around, this could cause back pain.

  • Whiplash can cause pain that covers a wide area of the back, including the neck and shoulder areas.

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Regardless of whether the back or neck injuries are caused by sports injuries, accidents, or some other type of long-term condition, patients should seek the medical advice of a proven back and neck specialist. You need a local professional to give you the appropriate chiropractic therapy to help you minimize any potential long-term effects.

Many pain sufferers consult the internet to self-diagnose their injuries. This may help if you are lucky enough to be led down the right path. But the reality is when consulting sites like WebMD or Google, you will be self-treating injuries you don’t even have. This commonly leads to making the back or neck injury worse, force you to endure ongoing pain, and even extending the time it takes to heal.

There are several treatment options available; you can try over-the-counter pain medication, you can visit a physical therapist, or you can even consult with your general medical doctor. But, when experiencing back pain from a back and neck injury, a local chiropractor proves to be highly effective.

Before popping pain pills, consider the fact that some medication can have an effect on a person’s kidneys, liver, and abdomen.

Chiropractic therapy has been around since 1897, and the number of back and neck injuries treated by chiropractors has grown exponentially over time. You should be relieved to know that over 27 million Americans seek chiropractic therapy every year; proving that this back specialty treatment really works.

If you live or work in the Valley area of Canoga Park, West Hills, or Woodland Hills then you are minutes away from the area's top rated back doctor.

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Start at the cross streets of Topanga Canyon Blvd and Saticoy St, right in the center of Conoga Park. Head north on Topanga Canyon Blvd for 2.9 miles until you reach Nordoff St. You will drive right by the Lanark Recreation Center in the Lanark Park to your right before you reach Roscoe Blvd. After you turn right on Nordoff St, drive less than a mile until you reach the Powerhouse Gym parking lot. Our chiropractic clinic will be right next to the West entrance of the gym.

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If you live or work near the Lanark Recreation Center in the Lanark Park, you are only 2.2 miles from Gould Chiropractic, which is a short 10-minute drive.

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