Middle back pain requires special treatment from a professional

Middle back pain is a condition in which the patient will present with pain either between the scapula or on one side of the scapula.

Most people will feel a sharp pain between the shoulder blades when they take a deep breath or when they try and move their neck. This condition is usually caused by a subluxation in the Costo-vertebral joint in the upper back. This is the joint between the spine and the rib cage.

In many cases, this condition is treated with chiropractic adjustments to the thoracic spine. After a thorough history and physical examination by the chiropractor, the condition of the Thoracic subluxation and rib subluxation will be diagnosed.

Therapy will include exercise, Nutrition and stretching along 

with specific chiropractic manipulation to the area of subluxation. This condition of the Thoracic subluxation causing middle back pain usually is treated within 4 to 8 sessions of chiropractic care. Along with supportive care, such as a cervical pillow for sleeping that maintains the proper alignment of the spine while sleeping and use of a foam roller, the patient can improve the condition very quickly.

Contact Gould Chiropractic if you are experiencing middle back pain that requires treatment from a back pain specialist.

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