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A 6 Part Shoulder Treatment Video Series

Broken down into 6 pieces, this is a full treatment regimen for a shoulder injury. Remember, we tailor the treatment to each individual patient, so your specific plan may be a little different.

Jul 16th, 2017
Common Golf & Tennis Related Injuries

This article is in regards to injuries related to the sport of golf. There are a number of world renown golf courses in the San Fernando Valley. Close to our office in the Northridge and Porter Ranch areas, there are a few popular courses like the...

Jul 21st, 2016
Middle back pain requires special treatment from a professional

Middle back pain is a condition in which the patient will present with pain either between the scapula or on one side of the scapula. Most people will feel a sharp pain between the shoulder blades when they take a deep breath or when they try...

May 7th, 2016
Sciatic Pain is a Very Misdiagnosed Condition

Sciatic Pain is a Very Misdiagnosed Condition Sciatic pain is a very misdiagnosed condition. One of the reasons it's misdiagnosed is because most patients think that all low back pain is sciatica.

Apr 13th, 2016